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  What’s best for you – renting or buying a home? The majority of Americans in this country own a home, but should you?  That’s a question that everyone must ask themselves as they consider their first home purchase.  There is a no single anNWer for everyone – it depends on your special situation. Financial Impact: The […]

For many subjects, people assume to know more than they do. This is especially dangerous in the home buying process.  Recent survey indicates that there are several aspects of the home buying process that continue to elude prospective home buyers. Here are some surprising results of our findings, along with five things most home buyers don’t know, […]

Home Buying News 5.17.11 – How Your Credit Score is Calculated5.19.11 – HomePath Mortgages 5.17.11 How Your Credit Score is Calculated Understanding your FICO score and how it affects home buying Home buyers who are seeking a mortgage find out early-on that their credit score plays an important part in the home buying process and in determining the […]